Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Foldables NOW!

So, it's SOL time and students are reviewing the material we have covered this year in preparation for the BIG TEST. 
Want to hear something amazing?  They are using their FOLDABLES!  It is the most exciting thing, to see the students reach into their binders and pull out a foldable to review with! 
Want to hear something even MORE amazing?  They have learned so many foldable techniques that they are now creating their own review foldables as well! 
Way to go, kids!  I'm so proud of you!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We're Back!

WE'RE BACK! Yes, We know what your thinking: "Why don't they update their blog?" Well, building a house, having a baby, and just the typical, day to day, fast-paced, routine can cause even the most organized teacher to "get behind." Several weeks ago, I clicked on our Foldable blog and saw an astounding 7,000+ visitors to our site. I was overjoyed-to say the least. I quickly emailed Amy, and we have commited ourselves to posting more regularly. We both continue to create Foldables with our students, and YES, we still believe in their ability to help students sort, categorize, and learn required infomation. I am always looking for a new way to use Foldables, and with the start of 2012, we hope to provide you with some new ideas for your classroom, too.

With that said, I recently discovered that Dinah Zike has her very own YouTube Channel. She has uploaded at least a dozen videos-all about Foldables. Several summers ago, I had the honor of attend a 3 day workshop in Dinah's hometown of Comfort, Texas. Meeting Dinah was exciting, and each year, I always share this with my students. "Mrs. Sprinkle knows the Foldable lady-Dinah Zike." My sixth graders love that! Anyway, one of Dinah's videos is called, "Dinah Zike's History - From 3D Graphic Organizers to Foldables." I thought I would start my first post of the year by introducing you to Dinah with this video. For those of you that already use Foldables in your classroom to those that are just learning, I think you will enjoy hearing Dinah introduce how Foldables came to be.

Happy New Year,