Saturday, October 11, 2008

BSPC Foldables Workshop

Teachers and staff from BCPS will participate in a 3-hour Foldables workshop on October 14, 2008. This Make-It, Take-It style workshop will allow participants to make multiple Foldables of various styles. From folded books and shutter folds to four-door books, tab folds, and three-quarter books, teachers and staff will leave with an arsenal of Foldables and ideas for use with students at their own schools. Participants are sure to enjoy a fun afternoon of making their own Foldables.

In order to earn 7 recertification points, participants need to verify their use a Foldable. First, post a comment on the Foldables blog that includes how you used a Foldable with your students. Include: 1. What Foldable did you use with students? 2. What was the purpose of the Foldable? 3. How do you think the Foldable project assisted students in learning required material?

You have the option of earning an extra recertification point, for a total of 8 points, if you email me a photo sample of the Foldable you created. My email address is

***Please note: If you are an administrator or other staff member and do not have direct contact with students, your comment will include: 1. How do you feel Foldables can assist students with learning required material? 2. Which Foldable did you like best? Why? You can also earn an extra recertification point by emailing me a photo sample of a Foldable that you, yourself, finished. Or, you can share an idea with a teacher at your school and send me a photo of a finished Foldable from their work with students.

Making Foldable projects with my students is one of my favorite parts of teaching. It is my hope that you enjoy the workshop and have fun sharing ideas and making Foldables with your students.

Have fun folding, and let me know if I can be of help in any way.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

VKVs-Visual Kinesthetic Vocabulary

I recently came across this interesting video of Dinah Zike's, (the creator of Foldables), new series of Foldables, VKVs-Visual Kinesthetic Vocabulary. They are, essentially, 3-D word study tools. VKVs would work well when used with ESL and elementary age learners.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Foldables-One School's Success

Forest Middle School, located in Bedford County, Virginia, has adopted the use of Foldables as one of several teaching strategies.  We have been using these 3D graphic organizers school-wide since August 2007.  We believe this strategy has greatly enhanced student learning.  Students create the Foldable, so they assume ownership of their work from the start.  Foldables also allow students to complete the same activity yet be creative and different from their peers. Establishing ownership of their work produces better student learners.  How do you think Foldables help your students?