Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School Foldable Workshop

Teachers at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School will have an introduction to Foldables workshop on Foldables on Wednesday, December 9 after school. With the holiday season and new year fast approaching, it is nice to have new ideas to use with our students. It is so easy for students to get distracted during this time of the year, and Foldables are a great way to keep learners engaged. Workshop participants will be introduced to these 3-D graphic organizers, learn a few tricks of the trade, and leave with a "Recipe Book" of ideas for immediate use in the classroom. All involved teachers are sure to enjoy a "Make-It, Take-It" style workshop.

Participants who post a comment on the Foldable Blog describing what Foldable you used and how you used it with your students will receive 2 recertification points. The deadline for posting your Foldable comment is January 30.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Foldables with Tabs

As we begin our new school year and settle down into a routine, students are probably getting familiar with the concept of creating Foldables. A good type of Foldable that students enjoy creating is one with tabs. From a two-tab to a ten-tab Foldable, students are able to make connections with a specific topic as each tab is labeled, colored, and information added under the fold. Check out these great Tab Foldable work samples! Thanks to Kathryn Howe and Heather Davis for their student work samples.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Foldable Book Published

As August rolls in and we begin to readjust our schedules and get motivated for a new school year, I thought I would introduce Dinah's new Foldable book. It's called---"Dinah Zike's Notebook Foldables for Spirals, Binders, and Composition Books." This is an absolutely great find for any subject area, especially for teachers using the Interactive Notebook approach to learning. This latest book includes all of Dinah's Foldables and how to adapt them for use within the notebook setting. Dinah's full color examples along with reproducible graphics make it easy for any teacher to implement in the classroom. I know I have personally gathered multiple ideas that I will use this year with my new group of United States History students. This book comes with an added bonus---a CD. The disk includes reproducible pages ready for teachers to resize and add graphics and text to. I can't wait to dig into this book and CD. The cost is $24.95 and may be purchased online at

Friday, July 17, 2009

Foldable Holdables

Have you ever thought, "I wish there were a place my students could store their Foldables, so they would not get lost?" Yes, we have probably all thought this same idea. Never fear. There is a simple solution for all of us. Take a gallon size, Ziploc bag, run clear, wide tape down one side and cut to fit. Three-hole punch the side with tape. You have just created a "Foldable Holdable!" All Foldables, no matter their size will fit into this bag, and students can store them in their binders. My students never (well, almost never) lose a Foldable they have stored in this bag.
Photo contribution: Amy Mallow (Thanks, Amy!)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Foldables II

On Monday, February 9, nine educators from across Bedford County, Virginia attended a Foldables II workshop. They were given valuable work time creating Foldables for immediate use with their students. Attendees worked through the evening folding, cutting, writing, and adding information to Foldables. Teachers/staff were given time to create Foldables for their students. Creating projects for students takes great thought and time. The workshop allowed everyone to create student-centered Foldables for their students no matter their grade and subject level.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Foldables I

Last night at Bedford Science and Technology Center, teachers from across the county attended a 3-hour Foldables workshop. During this session, teachers learned the basics of making Foldables. Participants created many Foldables, including basic folds like a Folded Book and Three-Quarter Book and more advanced Foldables like Standing Cubes and the Side-Tab Notebook fold. The workshop had all levels of education in attendance. From several high school Biology teachers, a French instructor, a guidance counselor, a instructional technology teacher, and first and third grade teachers, all participants were able to see the use of Foldables with their students. One participant stated, "I can see students excited about using Foldables because they are constantly moving and manipulating a product they created." Foldables truly assist students in their learning!