Monday, October 7, 2013


This isn't exactly a Foldable, but it could definitely be turned into one.  Caricatures are a fun way for kids to describe what they have learned about a particular person or group of people.  They could definitely be a part of any Foldable!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stapleless Book

The following book is so simple to make, and your students will enjoy the fact that it is simple and small.  Dinah Zike, the foldable lady of Comfort, Texas, is known to say, "Children like to make things that are smaller than normal and larger than average."  This is one of those 'smaller' Foldables.  My students love making the stapleless book using loose leaf paper because they can turn it to the side and have lines to write on as they create their book.
1. Fold paper in half like a hotdog.
2. Fold paper in half and in half again like a hamburger.
3. Open up hamburger folds.
4. Using scissors, cut/shave the fold line from the first fold, to the middle fold, and then to the last fold line.
5. Refold the paper so that the open cut forms a plus sign.  
6. Press down the folds, and fold over so that it forms the book you see below.
Here is a site I found that shows directions with photos-

Happy folding!