Saturday, January 9, 2010

Foldables: Beyond the Basics

On Monday, January 11, several Bedford County teachers will participate in a two hour Foldable workshop. This session is a full, 'make-it, take-it' event designed to give teachers time to create Foldables for use with their students. Participants will be shown several advanced Foldables that are sure to spark creativity as they construct their own samples. Access to computers and a printer will also be provided.
Thanks to Mrs. Amy Mallow for your valuable elementary Foldable expertise. Your help was greatly appreciated by all workshop attendees.


Brenda Ferguson said...

This was a great workshop! Having different levels of reading groups each day for each grade level will give me so many opportunities to use the foldables, and hte students will be excited also!
Brenda Ferguson
Huddleston Elementary School

Kay Kobert said...

I love finding new ways to teach concepts to students. I am leaving with new strategies and greater excitment in getting information across to my kids!

Amy Mallow said...

I am so excited about the new foldables I created tonight! I can't wait to use the foldable that shows homographs. I believe this will be a great way to display the vocabulary terms we will be learning for our China and Egypt units.
I am also very thankful for getting to work with other teachers, gathering new ideas and samples to take back to the classroom, and having the opportunity to work and share with Melinda. Thank you for your help and enthusiasm!!
Have lots of foldable fun!!!

Sandra G. said...

Thanks for a great workshop! I received a lot of ideas for using foldables in my classroom along with ideas to share with my team. One idea I know we will use is a 4 tab foldable to sort examples of the 4 reference books used.

Anonymous said...

I plan on using the foldables to teach specialization and interdependency with Ancient Greece and Rome.

Anonymous said...

This was a fun and informative class for any teacher or assistant. Foldables are a great way for students to get a hands-on learning experience for any concept. Not only will they be creating something useful but they will have a great study aide. There were many ideas and examples shown. I cannot wait to try these and create some of my own.