Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Foldables I

Last night at Bedford Science and Technology Center, teachers from across the county attended a 3-hour Foldables workshop. During this session, teachers learned the basics of making Foldables. Participants created many Foldables, including basic folds like a Folded Book and Three-Quarter Book and more advanced Foldables like Standing Cubes and the Side-Tab Notebook fold. The workshop had all levels of education in attendance. From several high school Biology teachers, a French instructor, a guidance counselor, a instructional technology teacher, and first and third grade teachers, all participants were able to see the use of Foldables with their students. One participant stated, "I can see students excited about using Foldables because they are constantly moving and manipulating a product they created." Foldables truly assist students in their learning!

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